Membership and trainings

Trial training

The first 4 trainings of the month (Tuesday and Thursday from 19:00-21:00) you can just come and train with us. We always have an extra trainer available to explain the basic techniques step by step. In the month of September we have the special introduction period.

If you have any questions about this or if you would like to sign up for a trial training session, please send an email to

Aankomende Proeftrainingen

Practical information trial training

When you participate in a trial training, it can be convenient to mention to the trainer at the start of the training that you will be there for the first time. Our warming-up always starts at 19:00 at the dug-out next to the football field. We will do this warm-up together, with both the beginners and advanced members, whereafter the members of the training will split based on their level, where beginners will learn the basic techniques from a beginner trainer.

We advise you to wear outdoor sports shoes that don’t mind getting dirty. Shoes with good tread are useful (such as running shoes or trail running shoes). Shoes with metal spikes are prohibited. It is also important to put on long athletic pants and ankle-covering socks because of the abrasive ropes. Sports leggings/tights are best to have on while climbing, also for men. Also a bottle of water is not a luxury to bring, the survival training can be quite intense.

Becoming a member

You can join our association all-year-round! To become a member you have to be 18 years or older. Because Simius Hircus is a student association, you can only become a member if you study at a university or college. For these and other rules, see the internal regulations. You will have to register yourself with the SBN (Survivalrun Bond Nederland), for insurance. This costs 20 euros per year.

The membership fee is 35 euros per half year.
Please note: you do not need to have an Olympas to become a member. This makes us a relatively inexpensive association.

If you want to sign up for the association you can fill out the membership form by clicking the button below.

Student, but not in Utrecht

Are you a student, but can’t train with us in Utrecht? Maybe you can join one of our sister associations, all aimed at students. These are spread throughout the country and we have close contact with them, by organizing various exchanges and a weekend away with all the associations. The cities are Delft, Eindhoven, Enschede, Groningen, Nijmegen and Wageningen.

Delft: S.B.V. Slopend
Eindhoven: All Terrain
Enschede: D.S.S.V. Tartaros
Groningen: G.S.S.V. Moddervet
Nijmegen: N.S.S.V. FEL
Wageningen: WOEST

Not a student

Would you like to practise Survivalrun, but you are not a student? Then unfortunately you cannot become a member of Simius Hircus. Our association is for students only. But don’t worry, you can still go survivalrunning in Utrecht, namely at Survivalrun Trajectum. This is a survivalrun association founded by a number of people who had been members of Simius Hircus for some time, but were no longer studying, especially for non-students in Utrecht who want to practice the sport. Both beginners and experts are welcome.

For more information, mail to: