Membership form U.S.S.V. Simius Hircus

  • Our training season consists of 2 periods: Period I: August to January. and Period II: February to July. The membership fee is €35 per period, regardless of when you join.
  • To become a member of U.S.S.V. Simius Hircus, you must also become a member of the Suvivalrun Bond Nederland (SBN; €20.00 per year). You can sign up for the SBN here. Note: please register with the SBN before proceeding to fill in this membership form!
  • By completing and submitting this form, you agree to the terms and rules of U.S.S.V. Simius Hircus as set out in the Statutes and Internal Regulations (see documents at the bottom of the page).
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