Members Info (EN)

Members Info


To contact the board you can always send an email to or text them on WhatsApp.

Confidential Person

Simius Hircus has three confidential persons (Dutch: vertrouwenscontactpersonen / VCP’s). Those are: Erwin (0631055095), Hanne (0625332732) and Joris (0634158022). They are there to assist members with (big or small) issues they may experience within our association. This could include unwanted behaviours or comments (aggression, (sexual) harassment, discrimination, etc.), misconduct, or integrity violations. The VCP (confidential person) primarily serves as a listening ear and to consider possible follow-up steps. They can also be approached for personal problems or for anonymously conveying information to the board.

A VCP handles all shared information confidentially and will not disclose it to third parties without consent. However, the board will be informed about the report, with the level of detail and anonymity depending entirely on the reporter.

You can always reach the VCP’s by talking to them in person or by messaging them via WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Groups:

We have two WhatsApp groups. One where only announcements are made, and another one where all other conversations take place.

All announcement are also shared during training sessions and through the monthly newsletter.

Hannes Hippe Heupmode Handel (Hanne’s Hip Hip Fashion Trading)

At Hanne’s Hip Hip Fashion Trading, you can purchase beautiful Simius Merch with the Simius logo on it. You can approach me during or after the training, or send a mesage or email me if you would like to place an order.

Available hip fashion (in various sizes):

Buff: 7,- €

Simius Leggings (temporarily with Lustrum Logo on it!) 15,- €
Simius jacket: 20,- €
Simius Thermoshirt: 10,- €
Simius Shirt: 8,- €